rfidsim File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
application_layer.cpp [code]
application_layer.hpp [code]
channel.cpp [code]
channel.hpp [code]
communication_layer.cpp [code]
communication_layer.hpp [code]
event.cpp [code]
event.hpp [code]
fading.cpp [code]
fading.hpp [code]
link_layer.cpp [code]
link_layer.hpp [code]
location.cpp [code]
location.hpp [code]
log_stream_manager.cpp [code]
log_stream_manager.hpp [code]
mac_protocol.cpp [code]
mac_protocol.hpp [code]
main.cpp [code]
node.cpp [code]
node.hpp [code]
packet.cpp [code]
packet.hpp [code]
path_loss.cpp [code]
path_loss.hpp [code]
physical_layer.cpp [code]
physical_layer.hpp [code]
python_wrapper.cpp [code]
rand_num_generator.cpp [code]
rand_num_generator.hpp [code]
rfid_reader_app.cpp [code]
rfid_reader_app.hpp [code]
rfid_reader_mac.cpp [code]
rfid_reader_mac.hpp [code]
rfid_reader_phy.cpp [code]
rfid_reader_phy.hpp [code]
rfid_tag_app.cpp [code]
rfid_tag_app.hpp [code]
rfid_tag_mac.cpp [code]
rfid_tag_mac.hpp [code]
rfid_tag_phy.cpp [code]
rfid_tag_phy.hpp [code]
signal.cpp [code]
signal.hpp [code]
sim_time.cpp [code]
sim_time.hpp [code]
simulation_end_listener.hpp [code]
simulator.cpp [code]
simulator.hpp [code]
timer.cpp [code]
timer.hpp [code]
utility.hpp [code]This includes some typedef's, functions, and constants that are used globally
wireless_channel.cpp [code]
wireless_channel.hpp [code]
wireless_channel_manager.cpp [code]
wireless_channel_manager.hpp [code]
wireless_comm_signal.cpp [code]
wireless_comm_signal.hpp [code]

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