rfidsim Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AppEpochEventAn event subclass for when an application begins and ends
ApplicationLayerThe application layer of the network stack
ChannelA channel class is one over which a signal travels according to some path loss model
CommunicationLayerThe communication layer class which is a superclass of classes implemented layers in the network stack
DummyEventThis class does nothing when the execute function is called
EventThe interface for events which are scheduled in the simulator's event queue
EventPtrComparatorHelper class to define how Event objects are compared for use with the Simulator's Event queue
FadingThis computes the fading for a given signal at a receiver
FreeSpaceThis computes the received signal strength using the Friis free space model
LayerRecvEventThis is the event for when a layer receives a packet from one of its adjacent layers
LinkLayerThis is the link layer in the network stack
LocationRepresents the geographic location of an object in the simulator
LogStreamManagerKeeps track of which stream should be used for logging various types of events
MacProtocolThe class for handling medium access control (MAC) on a channel
NodeThe class for a node in our system, which consists of a stack of CommunicationLayer objects connected together
NodeIdThe node ID class provides a representation of the node's identifier
PacketDefines a representation of the packets that are exchanged between nodes
PacketDataA class which holds the data that is contained within a packet
PathLossThis computes the path loss for a given signal at a receiver
PhysicalLayerThe class for the physical layer of a node (i.e., the radio)
RandNumGeneratorHandles the generation of random numbers from several distributions
RayleighComputes fading according to the Rayleigh model
ReadTagDataThis class keeps track of tag data received
RfidMacCycleEventThe event for when the timer fires signaling a timeout for an application layer's read request
RfidReaderAppThe RFID reader application class
RfidReaderAppDataThe representation of the application data in an RfidReaderApp's data packet
RfidReaderAppReadEventThe event for when the read process should begin at the application
RfidReaderMacA MAC protocol for RFID readers that uses slotted ALOHA
RfidReaderMacDataThe representation of the MAC data in a RfidReaderMac's packet
RfidReaderPhyThe physical layer class for a RFID reader
RfidTagAppThe RFID tag application class
RfidTagAppDataThe representation of the application data in an RfidTagApp's data packet
RfidTagMacA MAC protocol for RFID tags that uses slotted ALOHA
RfidTagMacDataThe representation of the MAC data in a RfidTagMac's packet
RfidTagPhyThe physical layer class for a RFID tag
RiceanThe Ricean fading model
SendToLinkLayerEventThe event for when a packet gets passed from a MAC object to a link layer object
SignalA signal that can be transmitted over a channel
SignalEndEventThe event for when a signal ends (e.g., after accounting for latency and transmision delay) after being placed on the channel
SignalRecvEventThe event for when a signal is transmitted onto the channel
SimTimeDefines the class for managing time in the simulator
SimulationEndListenerThis is an interface for classes which can be notified when the simulation ends
SimulatorThe main Simulator which class contains the event queues, nodes, and channels
SlottedMacA protocol which divides time into discrete slots during which packets can be transmitted
SlottedMacSlotEventThe event for when a discrete slot begins
TimerProvides an interface to control events based on timers
TwoRayThis computes the received signal strength using the TwoRay Ground Refelection model at longer distances and FreeSpace for shorter distances
WirelessChannelDefines the channel used for radio transmissions over a wireless channel
WirelessChannelManagerThis class manages which nodes are listening and transmitting on which channels
WirelessCommSignalA radio signal to transmitted over a WirelessChannel

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