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This is a list of software (beyond what comes with the base OS) that I've installed on my computer that I find useful. Mainly, this serves as my TODO list if I need to setup a new computer.

Windows XP SP2

Ubuntu Linux (Edgy Eft 6.10)

NOTE: This does not list the dependencies which may have been downloaded as well. For a description of each package, search for them on the Ubuntu Package Website.
    Software Downloaded from Ubuntu Repositories
  • acroread
  • acroread-plugin
  • firestarter
  • flashplayer-mozilla
  • gftp
  • gnuplot
  • gnuplot-doc
  • ispell
  • mozilla-mplayer
  • mplayer-386
  • tetex-base
  • tetex-bin
  • tetex-doc
  • tetex-extra
  • xfig
  • xfig-libs
  • xine-ui