1. Why are there ads on some pages?

    Since I have graduated, I no longer get the benefit of free hosting from a university. However, I want to keep the site running since it gets a few hundred hits a day in the HOWTO section and provides access to my publications. So, I have placed Google's AdSense for search and content on some of the pages to help cover the hosting costs.

    So, if you find the site useful, please check out the ads so I can cover the costs of keeping the site up.

  2. Which hosting service are you using?

    I am currently using A Small Orange for this site since it seems to have a decent reputation for delivering decent performance and reliability at a relatively low cost. Thus far, I have been very pleased with the service and would recommend them based on my experience.

    I've used Dreamhost for another site that I host and while the storage and bandwidth they give you is amazing, I find that the availability and average latency suffers (not horrendous, but definitely noticeable). But, if you're looking for cheap storage and the reliability and performance isn't as important to you, then it's a good way to go.

    Both hosting companies will give you SSH access to your shared server, which is something I look for.

  3. I downloaded some of your code and can't get it to run, figure out what's happening, etc. Can you help me?

    Probably not. I just don't have enough time and it's probably been a while since I worked on the code anyway. Plus, if you're going to be developing code that you download off the web then you probably need the practice in figuring these things out by yourself. I've learned a lot that way.

  4. I found a bug in your code. What should I do?

    Email me and let me know (preferably along with the fix) and I'll try to post an addendum.

  5. Do you take suggestions to update/correct one of your HOWTOs?

    Sure. Peer review is great. Send me an email and let me know.

  6. I followed your dual booting HOWTO and something in Linux still doesn't work. Can you help?

    Probably not. I'm just a casual user of Linux...not some guru.

  7. Where was that picture of you on the front page taken?

    In February 2013 before a Daddy-Daughter Dance.