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Importing Gmail Contacts from Thunderbird


I imagine that this is something that will be fixed in future versions of Thunderbird and/or Gmail, but I could not export my Thunderbird contacts to a CSV file that Gmail would accept. Bascially, you just need to add a carefully formatted line to the top of your CSV file.


  • In Thunderbird, export your address book to a CSV (comma seperated values) file, say, address.csv.
  • Open address.csv with a text editor that does not wrap lines (e.g., vi) and add the following line to the top of the file:
    first name,last name,display name,nickname,email address,alt email address, work phone,home phone,fax,pager,mobile,address1,address2,city,state,zip,country,work address1,work address2,work city,work state, work zip,,,,organization,,,,,,,,,,notes
    Make sure that it is all on one line.
  • Follow Gmail's procedure for importing contacts using your address.csv file.