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Create a Curriculum Vitae Using LaTeX


When you're making or updating a CV, there's a lot of PDFs out there to view. However, it's hard to find the LaTeX source to use as a template. So, I have put my commented LaTeX file here for this purpose. Here is my curriculum vitae if you want to see the final product (note that I won't keep this sync'ed with the LaTeX file on this page, but it should give you an overall idea of the look).

I use the following packages to create my CV:

  • currvita
    This is the base package that gives you an easy way to make nice-looking lists (among other things). Note: I modified some of the bibliography lengths in this package for my CV. You can download the modified sty file here (search for "MATT" to see the changes that I made).

  • fullpage
    This makes your CV have more standard margins than the default in LaTeX.

  • multibib
    This allows you to include multiple bibliographies. This is useful for a couple reasons in your CV. First, it allows you to do different BibTex formats for different paper types. Second, it allows you to have separate numberings for each paper types. For example, you may want a reader to be able to see your total number of journals and conference papers separately.

  • charter
    This font is nice for doing CVs in LaTeX. There is good contrast between bold and non-bold lettering.

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