Example of the C Interface Generation Script
Matthew J. Miller (matt@matthewjmiller.net)


Interfaces give a lot of support for OO-design in a language. Obviously, they can be done in C, but it takes a fair amount of writing "boring" code to do it. This gives an example of how it can be done using the c_intf_gen.py Python script to remove a lot of that "boring" code.

This example implements the GoF's Abstract Factory design pattern.

The interface structure is given via the description file abs_factory_def.txt. Basically the gui_factory interface has a create_button function and is implemented by both the win_factory and osx_factory classes. The button interface has a paint function and is implemented by both the win_button and osx_button classes.

In generate_gui in test_abs_factory.c, we specify a way of building GUIs that create buttons and is OS-indepenent. This same method of constructing GUIs can then be shared by different OS-specific GUI factories that create their own widgets.

The files follow the convention:


Assuming your c_intf_gen.py script is in the parent directory (if not, the GEN_SCRIPT variable in the Makefile can be modified), just do:

make all

You can edit test_abs_factory.c to try various things with this class hierarchy. Running make clean will remove the executable, object, and generated files.

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